At Zebrano we have taken the unusual decision to tell our customers that the price of our rattan furniture it set to rise. Anyone who read my last blog on inflation in the rattan garden furniture business will be aware of this already.

How do we know that prices are set to rise on all rattan furniture? We import alot of conatiners and therefore have a bit of insider knowlegde and know that the next batch of containers to arrive in on the container ships will be costing twice the previous price in shipping charges.  Here at Zebrano we are able to hold some of our sale prices beyond the Monday deadline but many of our goods will have to increase. The question is what can I do to secure the best deal? Well the best bet is to get your order in before Monday 23rd! That doesn't mean to say that your have to pay before Monday as our numerous payment options mean that you can not only pay using all the usual methods of credit and debit cards but you can now pay using paypal or even spread the payment with our new 0% Finance. Even if you do want to pay using your credit or debit card we do not take any money when you place the order but instead only take payment when the goods are dispatched. So if you don't want the goods right now but do want to take advantage of the low prices then place you order today and organise a dispatch that suits you. Give us a call if you require any further details on our rattan patio furniture range.