While speaking to a friend the other day she said “It seems to me that we are now in an era when many things look just the same.”  Possible reasons behind this could be because of mass products distribution, media influence across the globe, and the domination of digital media that grow tendency for people to favor doing things instantly. More and more people are satisfied enough to be followers, and consequently there are less and less innovation. But if you dare to be different, this Santiago Triangular Outdoor Rattan Garden Suite would suit you best. I bet you would love so much the angles on this triangular table, and you would love it even more with the gentle curves on the benches and table that contribute softer feel. Your friends would be so jealous of your beautiful set, just like two friends of mine here, who said they really wanted to have one of their own. Besides all the comforts, its unique design could tickle our creative brain. Being creative and innovative is very important for any entity, including a nation, to be able to sustain their growth. We do not talk simply about what constitutes a good productive capitalism and the innovation process itself, but also about the culture and economic thinking.  Great Britain is only a small nation but its thanks to our creative brains and innovation that we have been able to become a success. Just like this rattan triangular table that has three sides to make it perfect, here we also need at least three characteristics: •    The courage to think outside the box •    The bravery to jump across boundaries •    The passion to keep on the way to combine something new with the old ones. When dealing with a nation, again there are at least three aspects that are able to transform creative ideas into real innovation, namely: •    The originators of ideas •    The recipients who are open to the entrance or arrival of changes •    The mechanism for sharing and mitigating the existential risk related to coming innovation. Here at Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture we are full of ideas for our website and for our products.  We have a customer who demand innovation and new designs and that’s what we aim to provide.  Just like how finest sets of furniture can make your home so great; the unique design of this Santiago triangular suit can also trigger your creativity.