Purchasing garden furniture is all about getting the size right for your space and for your needs. Here, we have revealed the key decisions for choosing the right amount of garden furniture chairs for your space.

We have made our website easy to shop your chosen dining set by dividing into 2 seat bistro sets, 4 seat dining, 6 seat dining, 8 seat dining and 10 seat dining so that you can filter exactly by the size you want to buy. But how do you decide which size is right for you and your garden?

4 Seat Dining Sets

Start with Space

Space on a patio can often be limited, so measuring up is a great place to start. Our garden furniture tables are all the same size (based on set size e.g. all 6 seat round tables are the same, and all 8 seat rectangular seats are the same) so this will be a fixed space this takes up. However, all of our chairs are different sizes so you should determine how much space your patio permits for chairs before deciding on a chair style.

Make sure you allow room for elbow space, legroom and plenty of space to walk around the furniture, pull the chairs in and out etc. In our dimension drawings, we permit an extra 20cm per chair which allows room to pull out and fit in comfortably, so bear this in mind when choosing furniture.

How Many People?

6 Seat Dining Sets

How many chairs you need is often dictated by how many people are in your family, for example a family of 4 will often choose a 4-seater set or a family of 5 a 6-seater. But you should think about when you are likely to use the furniture, will you often sit down and eat as a family or are you actually only eating outdoors when nan and grandad come over, or for larger barbecues with friends? As this may increase the number of seats you need for the furniture to be practical.

If you require extra seating for certain occasions you can often purchase an extra pair and store in your shed or garage when not in use. Additionally, benches or footstools take up far less space but can increase your seating number when required.

8 Seat Dining Sets

Why Do You Use Your Garden?

Perhaps the key question to determining how many chairs you need is why you are using your garden in the first place. If you’re using your dining area to enjoy regular barbecues, then think of the number of people you spend these occasions with but also make sure you have permitted room for the barbecue itself.

If you are enjoying breakfast outdoors every morning with your partner but the kids never spend any time sat outdoors, then you might only need a 2-seat set despite there being more of you in the house.

Are you regularly hosting garden parties despite their only being 2 of you living in the house? Well then perhaps if you have the room a 6 or even 8 seat dining set would be better for your needs.

So How Many Seats Do I Need?

Only you can really decide this but using all of the advice above we believe that you have all the tools you need to make a decision that works for you and your garden without instant regret. And remember, if you need extra chairs you can often purchase them in pairs.

For more information about purchasing extra chairs, get in touch with our customer service team.