Like all things, the longevity of your synthetic rattan will depend on the quality of the furniture and how well it is looked after. But there is plenty you can do to ensure your garden furniture lasts as long as possible, in top condition.

Synthetic rattan is much longer lasting than authentic rattan in the British climate. This is because genuine rattan rots in damp conditions and let’s face it Britain is very damp and cold for the majority of the year. Therefore, synthetic rattan is the perfect replica, with long lasting qualities.

Flat Weave Synthetic Rattan

Like many things in life, the durability of the product depends on the quality and there are plenty of tell-tale signs when purchasing rattan furniture of the quality of the furniture and therefore its longevity. Rattan garden furniture with powder coated aluminium framework and HDPE/PE synthetic rattan is the most durable rattan furniture on the market and is expected to last upwards of 3 years. However, rattan furniture with steel frames and PVC/PU rattan is of a much lesser quality and is only guaranteed to last one year.

There are also many differences even among top quality rattan on the longevity of the furniture. For example, flat weave is the most common and most popular rattan weave on the market, this furniture is often guaranteed for at least 5 years and could be expected to last anywhere up to 10 years if well looked after. However, half round or full rod weave synthetic rattan is much heavier and therefore more durable, these sets can see guarantees between 7-10 years and is often expected to last for 10-20 years if well looked after.

Half Round Rattan Furniture

To look after your furniture well does not require much effort, the great thing about rattan garden furniture is it is incredibly low maintenance. Rattan furniture only requires a gentle wipe down with soapy water and a damp cloth. We recommend doing this every other month to really look after your furniture and keep it clean. We also recommend that twice a year you should perhaps do a deeper clean using a hard bristle brush or toothbrush to remove any dirt from in between the weave.

If you want to avoid cleaning your furniture altogether, you can invest in a weatherproof cover. Covering the furniture when not in use will help to keep dirt away from the furniture and therefore keep it clean and ready to use.

Whilst top quality rattan furniture is incredibly weatherproof and can be left outside all year round without harm or damage to the furniture, to extend the longevity of your furniture you could store the furniture inside during the winter or in colder temperatures.

If you need any advice on looking after your furniture or choosing the rattan which is going to last the longest, we recommend visiting us in store or speaking to one of our customer service advisors.