Rattan garden furniture is incredibly popular in the UK and is widely thought of as a durable furniture option which is, in most cases, true. However, like with many products, it depends on the price you are willing to pay and where you buy from as to how long your garden furniture will last.

Flat Weave Rattan Furniture

In the UK, real rattan is not used as our climate would cause it to break easily, so instead synthetic rattan materials are used which are much better suited to the UK’s weather and environment. The 3 types of synthetic rattan used are PU, PVC and PE (HDPE). At Zebrano, we only use HDPE as it is the strongest, most durable synthetic rattan on the market. Unlike PU and PVC, HDPE will not crack or go brittle in cold weather and it will not melt or sag in warm weather. We pride ourselves on the fact that our furniture has been tested in -20° and +40° to ensure it can withstand out temperamental British weather.

We always recommend looking for PE rattan furniture, it may be more expensive, but it is much more durable. Another price point difference is the framework; steel framework will be much cheaper compared to powder-coated aluminium framework, however, powder-coated aluminium is weatherproof and can be left outside without rusting. Steel frames will rust quickly, leaving orange pools of rust on your patio or decking which cannot be washed away. You will have to replace steel furniture every 1-2 years whereas powder-coated aluminium furniture will last upwards of 3 years.

The type of weave you opt for could also have an impact on how long your furniture will last. Flat weave furniture is the most popular choice of weave as it is lightweight and comfortable. However, half round weaves and full rod weaves are much thicker, and although they way more they are also more durable.

Half Round Weave Rattan Furniture

At Zebrano, we are incredibly confident in our rattan garden furniture as we only use the finest and most durable materials, this allows us to offer lengthy guarantees. You will find that on our flat weave rattan garden furniture we offer guarantees of between 3-5 years and for our duracore half round weave rattan garden furniture we offer a 7-year guarantee. However, we believe that if you look after your furniture it can, in fact, exceed these guarantees.

Rattan garden furniture requires minimal maintenance but to ensure your furniture lasts for as long as possible we do recommend cleaning with a damp cloth every few months. We also believe that adding extra protection in the form of a weatherproof garden furniture cover will extend the life of your furniture as it will prevent dirt or extreme weather conditions from damaging your furniture.

Additionally, if you have opted for HDPE rattan weave and powder-coated aluminium frames you will be safe to leave your furniture outside all year round without risk of weather damage. However, if you have chosen steel frames, or PVC or PU rattan weave then we would advise storing furniture away in bad weather such as snow or frost to prevent damage and help your furniture live longer.

You don’t always have to pay high prices to get top quality furniture, we offer many durable HDPE and powder-coated aluminium furniture for reasonable prices. Plus, to be sure you’re getting what you want you can pop to any of our showrooms and test the furniture for yourself so you can see the quality with your own eyes.
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