In truth the answer to this is simple.  Stick to what your good at and get the experts in when you need them.  We use to roam the country delivering at all hours and to all manor of different areas.  We moved on from this and subcontracted the deliveries out to small couriers with some mixed results.  Sometimes they would be good but other times we found that we would be let down.  This was a frustrating time as we would work really hard for the sales only to be let down by an external company. The same could be said for the furniture itself.  At first we would literally be in the jungles of Java (Indonesia) where we sourced our teak garden furniture from sustainable forests.  We would be having tea with small manufacturers and meeting half the village who were all involved and who all benefited from the industry.  When you are this close to the source you can control the quality very well.  As we grew we ended up going through more middle men as we had less time for travelling. The bottom line is we have been through some less than efficient couriers and also some less then great middle men but experience and connections has meant that we now work with an excellent team of quality control men and women who ensure that our products are of the highest standards.  We also now have a fantastic delivery team that is not only quick but more importantly polite and friendly.  Nothing is ever perfect but these teams are honest and hard working and as long as any problems are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible then that is all you can ask for. We stick to what we are good at in the office and we are good at furniture!  We know when we have the right style or range of furniture and then we stick to it.  The teak garden furniture was great for a time and for the last five years we have focused on the rattan garden furniture.  We know the different qualities and we know that there is nothing worse then sending out bad quality products to the other side of the country.  Not only is it a waste of time for your customer but also a waste of time for us.  Our products are of high quality and the volume of sale it testament to that.  We wouldn’t be where we are today, right at the top of rattan garden furniture on the web if it was not for our experience and our trusted partners.