No sooner had I finished the blog on high end to low end furniture than I started getting questions on how you can tell the difference.  The first thing to note is the price!  That ones easy as things that are either very expensive or very cheap are that price for a reason.  What becomes much harder is the middle ground as there are many low end companies trying to pass themselves off as better quality than they actually are. So here are a few tips on what to look out for….. 1.    What is the frame of the rattan furniture made out of? The answer is very important and gives you your first clue as to the general quality of the furniture.  You need to make sure that the answer is Aluminum.  You need the frames to be made from Aluminum as this means that the frames will not rust.  There is not much point in having outdoor furniture that rusts. 2.    Does the Rattan fade in the sun? The answer here should be no.  You don’t want a material that is being passed off as the all weather rattan that then fade when exposed to UV light. 3.    Are the cushions washable? Clearly we are looking for a big yes to this question.  The cushion are an integral part of the outdoor suite and if they can’t be washed then how long will they last?  Most of the suites on the market are a cream, beige or white colour and over time these colours will get dirty.  The last thing you want is not to able to wash your covers. Make sure that these three questions are answered correctly and you are off to a reasonable start.  They may only sound like small things but if you are buying something that you want to last then these are three key questions.  To see more on how our furniture is manufactured check out our about rattan garden furniture page for details.