How do I put my cantilever parasol and base together? Ok, so you've taken delivery of your outdoor garden furniture and the parasol and you're wondering €œHow do I put this together?€ It is relatively simple but you'd be surprised how many customers ask for help, so we thoughts we'd add a few pointers should you require assistance: Contents of box: €¢ 2 base cross sections €¢ 1 parasol €¢ 1 lower parasol attachment €¢ 4 base weights (available separately) Place the two cross sections together to form a X shape, the lip part should be on the bottom €“ this is where the 4 individual base weights sit. Place the lower parasol section onto the base and secure using the long screws provided and secure to the cross section. Insert the top of the parasol into the head of the frame securing with the two pins. Insert the parasol into the lower tube section already screwed to the base unit and tighten using the small adjuster. Rotate the handle to erect the parasol and secure with the pivot handle. Hey presto! Parasol up and ready to enjoy!