Care of rattan garden furniture in the winter months is very much in the minds of our customers at the moment.  After yesterdays downpours I feel that rain is also very much a hot topic.  (More like a wet topic, but you know what I mean)  The sun is shining at Zebrano HQ at the moment but yesterday and last night we seen some torrential rain.  Thankfully nobody was hurt although I have seen reports in the news that there has been lots of damage and injuries around the country.  Here at Zebrano Rattan we send best wishes to anyone who has been affected by the rain and wind. As far as the effect that all this rain will have on your rattan furniture there is good news.  The rain will have had little or no effect on your rattan furniture suite.  The all weather rattan is waterproof and therefore the water will have simply washed over your suite.  The high winds that came with the rain are a slightly different matter mind you.  If you have covered your suite then I suspect the worst that would have happened is that your cover may have been blown off.  Zebrano Rattan furniture is manufactured using aluminum frames so the furniture is not that heavy.  You may have been unlucky and had your suite blown over.  The more I thought about the possible consequences of high winds and rain the more I felt that a few top tips may be in over to avoid any potential problems. What to do in the event of high winds and Rain. •    Pack your set close together and put on a furniture cover. •    Secure that cover with extra rope to try and ensure that it stays on. •    Place the entire set in a secluded corner of the garden that is shelter from the wind •    Remove any potential hazards that may fall of the suite. (ladders, brooms, large plants etc) •    Check any nearby trees for damaged branches which could fall on your suite. All of the above are obvious but it is worth just having a look at the current location of your suite and making sure that there is nothing obvious that is likely to be caught by the wind and cause damage to the set. Once you have done all that we advise that you wrap up warm and turn the heating up.  There are often car crashes and stranded vehicles during nasty storms so we would advise you to stay indoors and stay warm until the storm passes.  The storm seems to have already passed us but I believe it is expected to return soon.  I hope this helps.  Stay safe. Author