Garden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes but the key feature that every person enjoying the British climate wants from their garden furniture is for it to be weatherproof. Everybody wants to be able to leave their furniture outside all year round without worrying about storing it away in the winter months.

Wood Garden Furniture

So, what is the best weatherproof garden furniture? We’ve looked at some of the most popular garden furniture choices and how they manage in tough weather conditions.


Wood furniture is a popular choice because it looks traditional and offers plenty of good qualities. However, wood garden furniture cannot be left outside without additional treatment. Without this treatment the wood will get damp and rot. However, if you are prepared to regularly treat the wood you will be able to leave the furniture outside during good conditions. We do always recommend storing wood furniture indoors during the winter to get the most out of your furniture.


Steel furniture or furniture with steel frames is not weatherproof and cannot be left outside. Steel heats up quickly in sunny weather which makes it difficult to sit on and also rusts in damp conditions. It is however a cheaper choice of furniture and if you don’t mind replacing your furniture every couple of years it is still a viable option.

Cast Aluminium

Cast Aluminium garden furniture is a strong choice of furniture and can be left outside all year round without weather damage. Cast aluminium does not fade or rust and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, unlike other metals, cast aluminium remains cool in the sunshine. However, cast aluminium is more expensive than other metals but we believe it is definitely worth paying the extra for the weatherproof qualities.

Cast Aluminium Furniture


Plastic furniture is a very popular choice for garden furniture because it is cheap and easy to find. However, it is not the most durable of garden furniture choices. Coloured plastic fades in the sunshine and white plastic often gets incredibly mouldy and dirty when left outside. Whilst easy to clean, if removed quickly, this could be avoided with other garden furniture choices. Additionally, as plastic furniture is incredibly lightweight it can be blown about a lot and damaged by the wind. So, keeping plastic furniture outdoors in bad weather is not recommended.


Relatively new to the garden furniture market outdoor fabric is one of the most weatherproof options for garden furniture. Inspired by weatherproof seating on boats and yachts, outdoor fabric furniture is designed to repel light showers and allow heavier rain to run straight through and out. This is thanks to an amazing quick dry foam used inside the furniture. Fabric furniture is made with cast aluminium frames which prevent rust.

Additionally, outdoor fabric is specifically designed to be fade resistant, mould and mildew proof, UV resistant and easy to clean. Spillages can be wiped of straight away and tough stains can be removed with a mixture of bleach, mild soap and water.

Fabric garden furniture is expensive but is incredibly durable and is expected to last from 5 – 10 years even when left outside in tough weather conditions and whole winter seasons.

Weatherproof Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture

There are several different types of rattan furniture and how well rattan furniture fares in bad weather depends on the type of furniture you buy.

Real Rattan

Real rattan is not sold in the UK due to its inability to withstand to the UK climate. Authentic rattan would rot when exposed to damp conditions which means it could not be left outside in the UK due to our heavy rainfall.

Cheap Rattan

Cheap rattan will more than likely be made with steel framework and this will therefore not be weatherproof and should not be left outside all year round. Additionally, cheaper rattan is made with PU or PVC weave and these materials are of an inferior quality that snaps easily when exposed to cold conditions and fades in direct sunlight.

Top Quality Rattan

At Zebrano, we specialise in top quality rattan and understand exactly what makes this furniture weatherproof. We craft our rattan furniture with powder coated aluminium frames which do not rust when damp. Additionally, we only use high quality PE synthetic rattan weave which does not crack or go brittle nor will it fade from UV rays. Therefore, this furniture is ideally suited to be left outside in any weather conditions.

This rattan is also virtually maintenance free and rarely requires cleaning unless dirt or bird mess has gotten onto the set. However, we offer a range of weatherproof covers which will fit neatly onto the set and prevent even this kind of dirt from affecting your furniture.

We firmly believe that this type of rattan furniture is the best choice for weatherproof furniture based on weatherproof qualities, price and style.