With so much going on throughout the winter months, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year’s Eve we’re sure that you’re going to have guests over at some point, but where do you put them all? Here, we’ve revealed how to host a winter garden party without your guests being uncomfortably cold.

A Seat by The Fire

Your guests are likely to want somewhere to sit down at your party, but they also want to be warm, so we’ve these two great options you can offer your guests a seat by the fire to keep warm:

A fire pit dining table – our range of fire pit dining tables are brilliant for both the summer and the winter. Throughout the winter you can turn the fire pit in the centre of the table on and allow your guests to keep warm with a glass of wine and in the summer, you can cover the fire pit and have extra space for dining.

Fire Pit Dining Set

A fire pit coffee table – If you already have a sofa set in your garden then a fire pit coffee table is the perfect companion. You’ll have space to put drinks and snacks, but most importantly the flames will keep your guests feeling toasty.

Fire Pit Coffee Table

A Hot Beverage

Give your guests something to drink that will warm their bones, we recommend hot chocolate or mulled wine. Follow this great Jamie Oliver recipe to make your own mulled wine and treat your guests to something homemade and delicious.

A Patio Heater

If you’ve got young children running around and you’re not sure a fire pit is the best way to heat your garden, then opt for a patio heater instead. Our freestanding patio heaters have two switches to control your heat options and also turn off automatically should they topple over, keeping everyone safe and warm.

Patio Heaters

Outdoor Lighting

There’s no use asking all your guests into the garden if you can’t see them. If you’ve purchased one of our outdoor patio heaters they double up as extra lighting, but if you want to light your entire garden, we recommend some string lighting. Solar lights are not great for this time of year as there is not much sun to charge them, but there is plenty of suitable outdoor string lighting available, for example you could whack up some outdoor Christmas lights and hey-presto a well-lit and festive garden.

Something to Eat

If your guests have a full tummy, they are likely to feel warmer and who said you can’t have a barbecue in the winter? Get the barbecue fired up, whack on some sausages and some burgers or some vegetarian alternatives and get you and your guests well fed. With a gas barbecue that has a hood, it won’t even matter if it starts to rain, your food will still be able to cook away nicely.

Winter BBQ

A Gazebo

Just in case it does rain, a gazebo is a great way to shelter your guests, keeping them dry and happy. No one enjoys a soggy garden party, so making sure your party can still go ahead even if there is a sudden downpour is crucial.

With the weather just as temperamental in a British summer as in the winter, we believe there’s no reason you can’t throw a winter garden party. Just follow our top tips above and enjoy a new found freedom to enjoy your garden all year round.