Following on from the ‘More Competition = More Sales’ blog I thought I would highlight some of the key areas to look out for when analyzing the competition.  I always think that the difference between most companies is the customers they target.  You can’t be all things to all people so the key to the success of a business is to make sure that you listen to your customers and try to provide the products and services they require. I have never quiet understood the very high end companies in the rattan garden furniture business as I would personally find it difficult to mark a product up for 10 and sometime 20 times more than it costs.  Everyone is different I suppose but for me the only way to go is to be honest and try to provide good value at the same time as good quality. In a similar way I have never understood the low end of the market that many of the multiples get involved in.  Fast food furniture as my old business partner used to call it.  I understand the principle of selling lots of it for low process but I can never work out why these goods don’t get sent straight back.  I mean some of them are of such low quality it is a wonder that they will last a season never mind more.  That said maybe there are people out there that buy garden furniture every year and therefore don’t want it to last any longer. So I guess it is no surprise that the market I look to fill is the quality products that are designed to last a lifetime but that are also great value.  If any of our products do not meet the high levels of quality control our customer let us know very quickly so we are always kept on out toes.  This year our quality is the best yet.  I guess after five or so years ironing out any problems it is no surprise that our quality is better then ever before.  We do not have any desire to compete with the low end self assembly sofas with cushions that don’t zip etc.  Our customers do not accept these types of products and we have got to listen to them!  Check out our range of rattan garden furniture to see for yourself.