Throughout the coronavirus pandemic it is thought that for many people their relationship with their garden has changed entirely. Many homeowners have confessed that their garden is now a necessity rather than a forgotten about corner of their home. Here we look at how our gardens are becoming more important to us.

Several studies have shown that our homes and gardens have become more important to us than ever before during the lockdown period. Of course, this is because we are spending all of our time at home and want to make this space as comfortable as possible.

Home Improvement Survey

63% of homeowners have invested in their home during this period and the time spent making our homes “perfect” has gone from 4 hours 4 minutes before lockdown to 8 hours 21 minutes during lockdown. The average monthly spend on home improvements has also increased from £98 to £181 with 71% of people saying their homes are more important to them now than ever before.

40% of homeowners have admitted to “Zoombarrassement” over the appearance of their homes, as they are being forced to show certain areas of their homes to colleagues over video call.

Not only are our indoor spaces getting a makeover, but our outdoor areas are the highest emerging area for renovation. This is seemingly because people have been enjoying “staycations” rather than travelling abroad for holidays. Additionally, exercising in the garden had become a daily activity and therefore our gardens are being utilised more than ever before.

Casual Dining

It is thought that homeowners’ perception of importance has changed and areas like garden patios are becoming more of a necessity in order to create a point of difference, offer escapism and improve well-being. It is also becoming clear that renters without gardens or people looking to buy new homes are now prioritising garden space as something to look for when moving. Therefore, this is having an impact on the value of properties with large outdoor spaces, as this is something many are seeking.

So how can you improve your outdoor space and get more enjoyment out of your garden? The key factor is having somewhere to sit outdoors.


Garden furniture is vital in increasing the length of time you spend outdoors as it offers somewhere to relax or dine al fresco. Casual dining sets are therefore incredibly popular as they combine the best of both worlds and allow you to sprawl out and relax as well as dine outdoors when desired.

Other key items are firepit tables which allow you to spend more months of the year outdoors to keep warm. On the other end of the spectrum, parasols are vital on hot summer days to offering cooling shade and a break from harmful UV rays.

With gardens being more vital to our well-being than ever before, it is important to create an area you enjoy being in and invest in good quality materials that will last. This is why we recommend high quality HDPE rattan which can be left outside all year round and is designed to last for years even when constantly exposed to the elements.