Happy New Year and all the best for 2012 from Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture.  Hopefully your head is not still throbbing from last night’s excesses and that a good night was had by all.  Personally I feel on the top of my game this morning, as the traditional New Years Eve party has become a thing of the past in my house.  This is due to my two children (under five) and the difficulty in getting a baby sitter on this particular night.

If I’m honest I don’t really miss it that much! I always love the pub but never particularly keen on the number of people rammed into the bar and the difficulty getting served!!  That sounds about right, I have never liked being kept waiting for my beer! I know it is literally only days ago that we were looking forward to Christmas and the summer seemed an eternity away.  Somehow once you are into the New Year your thoughts starting thinking about the spring and the next big event is Easter.  I know from my 15 years experience in the garden furniture trade that Easter is one of our busiest times.  I know we need to get ourselves ready for the new rattan garden furniture season. I think we are making good progress as we have most of our 2012-rattan range online and ready to go.  Not everything is in stock yet but to be honest people don’t really want to take delivery of their new rattan suites until March time.  Between now and March is an important time for those interested in buying as well as selling rattan furniture. 

I say that as now is the time to catch the early bird or rather the early sale. For us it makes sense, as we know how much stock we have coming and it is always reassuring to know that the goods are allocated before they arrive in the country.  For you it is the best time to buy, as there are lots of bargains to be had. So it’s not just a New Year but also a new range of rattan furniture from Zebrano.  As I mentioned yesterday our Toledo Sofa Suite is this weeks special but you can see our rattan garden furniture sale items if you click the link. Snap it up while you can! In the meantime stock up on the paracetamol and enjoy the rest of your day.  Happy New Year!!