Greenfinger Charity re-leaf day

This coming Friday it's Greenfingers Garden re Leaf Day 2015. The day is a fund raising day for the Greenfingers charity. There are all manner of sporty activities taking place in order to gain sponsorship in the hope to raise some much needed funds for some much needed projects. Whilst we are not so much taking part in the sporting activities we are getting involved in the fund raising element of the day.

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On Friday the 27th March we are donating 10% of our net sales to Greenfingers, a very worthy cause! Greenfingers are a charity dedicated to creating and building gardens for children and their families in hospices around the UK. The idea behind the charity is to create outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed by children and their families when they spend time in a children hospice. The Greenfingers charity is constantly finding new ways to raise money so that they can invest in worthy projects throughout the UK and we are happy to play a small part in this fund raising. To that end we have dedicated 10% of our net sales on Friday 27th to Greenfingers.

greenfingers garden re leaf day

The Greenfingers gardens are an essential part of a children’s hospice and give the children a chance to enjoy a bit of fresh air and experience the natural environment in a safe and fun way. It's an opportunity to escape from the bedside routine and is often used to administer treatment and therapies in a more natural environment. As the greenfingers website says €¦ €œThe gardens often provide children with a rare opportunity to indulge in some of the pleasure of being outside that most people take for granted." So far Greenfingers have created and completed 44 gardens throughout the UK. Please have a look at their website for further information and for ways in which you can help raise money.

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March is the start of the rattan garden furniture season and if the weather is nice on Friday we could well get a bumper sale day. This will be great news for our fundraising effort and hopefully we will be able to hand over a nice cheque to add to the cause. We would like to wish Greenfingers the very best of luck with all their projects and urge our customers to do what they can to help. The Greenfingers charity contact details are: Greenfingers Charity 23 Gregories Road Beaconsfield Bucks HP9 1HH Tel: 01494 674749 Fax: 01494 730656 Email:

greenfinger garden6 greenfinger garden3 greenfinger garden2 greenfinger garden1 greenfinger garden 5 greenfinger garden 4

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