Are you focusing on pumpkin carving for Halloween yet? Knocking neighbors’ doors and shouting “trick or treat”? Well, of course, you may be a bit keen for that as we are still a few weeks from halloween. But I would like to raise my thumbs up for the National Trust with its idea to offer a very interesting program. Joining the program, you have the opportunity to: •    Visit historical places that will make you get goose-bumps, from former prisons to remote castles •    Join spooky sleepovers and after-hours ghost tours. •    Join one of the haunted happenings’ paranormal investigations. Dare enough to try? If you do, find further detail information at Talking about goose-bumps, I reckon you can get them cuddled up on one of our Leon Rattan Garden Love Seat. If the spooky sleepovers or after-hours ghost tours would make you get goose-bumps due to being scared, I got my ghost-bumps due to different reasons. Cuddled up next to a loved one or even top quality music can bring on goose bumps for me. Horror movies and ghostley sleepovers are not quite my cup of tea!  I’d say the national trust tours are a good idea and I know my wife would love a little look at paranormal investigations. Feeling so scared or feeling so loved, both are about emotion. Once you have this Leon Rattn Garden Love Seat, ask a friend or loved one to join you and see if a little rest and relaxation can stimulate the emotions. Play your favorite songs and enjoy a glass of wine. You can even store your photo album on the small table inbetween the seat. Perfect for a little reminissing. That sounds better than ghosts and ghouls to me!