Say what you like about Microsoft but I say Bill Gates is a good man!  Mind you I love my Apple Mac! Bill Gates sometimes gets a bad press as he has monopolized the PC market for the last 20 odd years and people often like to shoot at successful people.  I was sitting on my rattan cube seat this morning looking at the news to see what is happening in the world and seen Bill Gates mentioned.  I was a little surprised to see that UK farmers were due for some good news. It says a team of British scientists specializing on plant and crop production has been awarded with $10m by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for corn, wheat and rice cultivation without the use of so much fertilizer. The scientists were able to engineer cereal crops that could acquire nitrogen in the air instead of them depending on chemical ammonia applied by farmers in the field. This is hope, I believe, not only for particular group of farmers but also to the global agriculture which will soon save the poor producers from spending so much on expensive fertilizers. If this is totally utilized and completely implemented, the farmers from poor countries like Africa will no longer have to suffer from malnutrition and food shortage because they can already afford to produce for their own consumption. I was that comfortable in my rattan chair that I didn’t realize the time.  I had to jump up and get to work.  Sadly I have not yet reached the levels of Bill Gates and I do have to get to the day job.  I do love the way that he now spends most of his time giving back to the community these days and think that it is admirable for him to spend his money in this way.  I wonder if he has some rattan garden furniture in his garden?  Does anyone know his address?