On the 27th of December the builders arrived here at Zebrano Rattan!  New walls and offices were constructed, the mezzanine floor was extended and the showroom was expanded!  But why?  The business is being expanded and streamlined.  Departments are being separated so that they can focus on their specific tasks and be more productive.new rattan showroom

New roles have been created to ensure a smoother running of the company from purchasing right through to delivery.  These changes have been needed to improve our customer service and reviews.  We had some unhappy customers last year due to a number of factors but the main reason was that we couldn't keep up with the rapid growth of the company.  Now we can! We are ready!   After 71 interviews, new management structure, new offices and a strong management team set in place we feel more confident than ever that our customers will be able to have a great shopping experience backed up with great customer service and a whole new delivery process.  Our new Management structure consists of a new operations manager, Sales manager, warehouse manager, marketing manager, showroom manager, purchasing manager and customer service manager.  All with their own teams to manage and streamline to the smooth running of the business.  Over the next few months we will be doing blogs on all of these positions to explain their roles and what they are doing to ensure the smooth running of the business. The showroom is currently being re-vamped and warehouse staff are working around the clock displaying the new stock and giving the showroom a fresh lick of paint.  Also new for 2015 we will be opening another showroom in a new location but we will keep you updated on this development it happens, watch this space!

Rattan furniture showroom All go at rattan HQ

Zebrano rattan is an award winning website.  In the 2014 online retail awards we won the "homes and garden" catagory and got an award of commendation for "Small sized online retailer".  We are striving to constantly improve and grow as a business.  We listen to our customers and appreciate their feedback.  The changes we are making in 2015 are all positive and will ensure a great shopping experience and customer service for years to come.


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