We don’t believe in leaving your garden to become overgrown and messy in the winter whilst you huddle indoors trying to keep warm, there’s plenty you can be doing in your garden and plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors, despite the cold weather.

Remove Weeds

We’ve often highlighted the importance of spending time outdoors for both your mental and physical well-being, and we believe this to be more important than ever in the winter when the miserable weather can have a huge impact on your mood.

The crisp fresh air of a winter morning or the flushed red cheeks you get from a winter wind can be the mood brightener you need this winter, so here’s what you can be doing to give your garden a new lease of life this winter:

Have a tidy up

Corner Sofa Sets with Fire Pit

Like your house needs a spring clean, your garden needs a winter clean. Rake up all the leaves that have fallen in autumn and pick a dry day to give your lawn its final mow before you can leave it to grow a little until spring. Pull up any weeds that you’ve neglected and give the patio a good scrub, then make sure your winter shrubs are planted and trimmed.

You’ll be thrilled once you see the results and be so excited to use your garden you won’t want to wait until spring, which leads us to our next tip…

Create a comfortable seating area

Sitting outdoors in your garden doesn’t have to be an exclusive summer activity. We recommend a brilliant rattan corner sofa set with gas fire pit dining table as this can be used throughout summer for al fresco dining and the winter to keep warm.

Outdoor heating and Lighting

A gas fire pit table is the perfect winter garden furniture as you can control the temperature of the flames and the corner sofa is perfect to sink into. Choosing rattan garden furniture is ideal for winter as you can leave high-quality synthetic rattan outside all year round, even in temperatures below 0.

You can add an extra layer of comfort to your furniture by adding blankets and pillows to make it incredibly cosy, but make sure you remember to take these bits indoors of an evening, or invest in a storage box or bag where you can keep them safe.

Storage Bag

Add outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is important as the evenings draw in quicker. Our favourite way to decorate your whole garden in outdoor lighting is to hang Christmas lights overhead, around fences or around flowerbeds to light up your space and be incredibly festive.

However, another great way to light up your outdoor space is an electric patio heater. Not only will the heater act as a source of light but as it’s a heater you can get extra warmth from this setup as well.

Quality garden furniture covers

You’re less likely to use your furniture if it’s been raining and a pool of water has collected on the furniture. By investing in quality garden furniture covers you not only protect your furniture from the harsh winter elements, but you keep your furniture dry and ready to use whenever suits you.

All of these top tips will give your garden a new lease of life and see people using it all year round rather than leaving it to become overgrown and sad looking during the winter period.