Its beginning to feel a bit Christmassy around these parts.  I came in the office the other day and the girls had already put up some fairy lights around the beams.  I think they may be putting the decorations up gradually!  The children have been enthusiastically waiting for Christmas and have definatly bugun talking about it. I think they would be really happy if you had time and ask them to go along to the traditional Christmas markets. You would see how bright their eyes would be while seeing all exposed Christmas related items varies from light decorations, craft, and children toys to delicious recipes.  Here at Zebrano we have been invited to exhibit at one of these Christmas markets but we couldn’t help thinking that rattan garden furniture is not exactly festive.  If Christmas markets are your thing then here are some places that you might choose to visit   •    Manchester, Open from 17 November – 23 December •    Birmingham, Open from 15 November – 22 December •    Ludlow, Shrops, Open from 24 – 25 November only. •    Lincoln, Open from 6 – 9 December. •    Norwich, Open from 1- 2 December. •    Bath, Open from 22 November – 9 December •    Cardiff, Open from 15 November – 23 December •    Caerphilly, Open from 8 – 9 December •    Glasgow, Open on 18 November •    Forres, Moray, Open from 8-9 December •    Edinburg, Open from 1 – 6 December •    Belfast, Open from 17 November – 20 December We don’t really do a great deal that is festive but how about putting your  Christmas tree in one of our planters!  Might be a bit tenuous that but they are all weather.  Take your Zebrano’s garden planter that is made from a fully weatherproof PVC rattan and plant or place your Christmas tree inside. Either real tree or the artificial one is fine. Yes, you can plant real tree there and you need not worry as the planter have a hard waterproof inner to ensure that no soil is lost. And if the tree is artificial, this will help it looks more real.  Check out our planters under our accessories page online.