If none of the furniture sets that we provide can satisfy your exquisite taste, we allow you to choose your favorite tables, chairs, and sun loungers in order to create your own garden furnishings. Obviously, the very first thing that you need to bear in mind is the number of people that your set must accommodate. Is a 4-seater table appropriate for you? Or, should you get a 6-seater or a 10-seater table? Regardless of the size of the table that you might need, you must know that we offer a variety of oval, round, rectangular and square models that can fit almost any spaces. Although we provide many dining table models, you can also find coffee tables, which are especially developed for one or two-person settings. The coffee tables that you can find at Zebrano Rattan are ideal especially for daybeds and sun loungers. Similar to our rattan chairs, the rattan tables for garden areas are made of PU rattan. This thing means that you can keep your garden furniture set outdoors during the hot summers and freezing winter months. This material is also very easy to maintain and as most rattan tables come along with glass, cleaning them is a very simple task. If you wish to create an elegant garden set, it is crucial to choose some really beautiful chairs. In order to help you to get such furniture pieces, we would like to introduce our wonderful Cadiz Rattan Garden Chair, which is not only very stylish but also of a great quality. By simply selecting this chair model and an appropriate table for it, you can dine in style for many years to come. In case that you are not sure whether a specific chair style matches a certain table or not, you can contact us through our Customer Service section. As you might already know, we are more than happy to direct you towards the most appropriate outdoor furniture options for your beautiful garden.