As we all know, the UK and great weather are not words that often go together. With limited time throughout the year to enjoy your outdoor space you want to make the most of it, so we’ve revealed our top tips for shopping for garden furniture in the UK.

Weatherproof Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

Weatherproof garden furniture is a must for the UK’s temperamental climate. Surprisingly enough, not all garden furniture is fully weather resistant so there are definitely materials to avoid and to look out for.


Rattan Garden Furniture

High quality rattan made with PE and aluminium framework is the most weather resistant garden furniture, suitable for living outside year-round with no need to store it away. You won’t have to worry about rust and you certainly won’t need to worry about damp weather conditions.


Aluminium is another great weatherproof option and, again, does not need to be stored away throughout the winter. You’ll also find it fairs better than most other metals in high heats.

Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor fabric is another brilliant option for UK gardens. Thanks to the unique material you won’t have to store the fabric indoors even when it rains. If it gets wet, the water will repel or run right through and out of the other side. Plus, if it becomes dirty you can jet wash it clean.



Whilst cheap, plastic is too lightweight for the UK’s high winds and is also not very weatherproof, often becoming mouldy and dirty.


Whilst wood has always been popular throughout the UK, it does not fair well in damp conditions meaning you have to store it away throughout the wetter months. Plus, it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking how it does when you first buy it – the colour fades very quickly in the UK climate.

Weatherproof Covers

Cover It Up

Whilst you might not have to store away certain garden furniture types like rattan, we recommend purchasing a weatherproof cover to keep away dirt, fallen leaves and frost. This means that your furniture will be ready to use as soon as you whip off the cover and you won’t have to go through extensive cleaning before you can use the furniture.

Firepit Garden Furniture

A firepit is the perfect way to stretch out the time you can spend outdoors. Instead of rushing indoors when the temperature drops of an evening, keep the party going by switching on your firepit and allowing the gentle flames to warm your patio area. This really is the ultimate purchase for UK gardens when the weather can switch from t-shirt weather to coats and scarves at the drop of a hat.

Fire Pit Set


At the other end of the spectrum, the UK can suddenly get very hot and we’re never prepared for it. This heat can be damaging to our skin and also sometimes unbearable to actually sit outdoors in. So, create some protective shade that offers a cool spot to sit in with a garden parasol.


There are plenty of accessories that can improve your outdoor space in the UK. Our number one accessory is a patio heater – great for keeping the patio warm as the weather draws in and extending the time you can spend outdoors.

Other top accessories include garden lighting – whilst solar powered lights are a great option, be prepared that for most of the year the UK won’t get enough sun to see them work. So, if you want something more reliable go for an electric wall-mounted outdoor light.

Follow all of our top tips and you will find you’ll be able to spend much more time outdoors and make the most of the British weather.