With the government announcing new rules that allow us to spend time in the garden with loved ones we’re looking at the best styles of garden furniture that will be perfect for social distancing but also ideal when you can finally have everyone back together.

The Rectangular Dining Table

Rectangular dining sets are ideal for social distancing. You can easily space out your guests, keeping them the required distance apart which works well for these strange times. Plus, when things return to normal you can cram even more friends and family into the space, making it ideal for every occasion.

Rectangular Dining Sets

The Cube Set

The humble cube set looks like it was designed with social distancing in mind. You can tuck in the chairs, making sure it is clear where your guests need to sit and ensuring there is the right amount of space between people.

But as soon as things return to normal you can pull out all the chairs and the footstools will double up as extra seats so you will be able to have everybody you love in one place.

Cube Set

The Classic Bistro Set

If it’s just one person you’re desperate to see, the classic bistro set is perfect, you can make sure the chairs are spaced apart and have a good old catch up over the table and some snacks. This set is ideal for romantic meals for two once date nights are permitted again!

The Classic Bistro Set

The Casual Dining Set

The spacious casual dining set is ideal for complying with social distancing measures. Pop yourself on one end and your guests at the other end and have your snacks and drinks on the table in the middle for everyone to reach whilst still staying a safe distance apart.

Plus, once things return to normal there is plenty of room to squish everyone in and spend time with everyone you love.

Casual Dining Set

Modular Corner Sofa Sets

Absolutely perfect for creating a setup that offers the correct social distancing spacing between guests, the modular corner sofa can be rearranged to any setup, pushing pieces together, keeping them apart, do whatever you want with each piece.

Then, when you can, you can put all of the pieces together to form a larger seating area where everyone can be closer.

Modular Corner Sofa Set

Sun Loungers

A bit of a different option would be to sunbathe with someone, make sure your sun loungers are placed the guideline distance apart and keep the handy table in the middle so you can both reach for drinks, snack and extra sun cream at a safe distance.

Sun Loungers

With so many options for garden furniture that can transform you garden into an area you can enjoy at home with your immediate family and then change up to offer correct social distancing rules for visitors, there is plenty you can do to spend time with loved ones in these strange times.

Plus, we are currently offering a completely contact-free delivery service so you can have your furniture delivered without having to worry about anything. For more details on this service, give our customer service team a call today.