With summer finally starting to make an appearance and a bank holiday stretching out before us, there is plenty you can do in your garden this summer. Here, are the top 7 outdoor activities that Zebrano recommends.

A Classic Barbecue

What else is summer for if not for a barbecue with friends and family? A classic summer barbecue is our number one garden activity because, not only does the food taste great and the drinks flow well, but it brings people together. Enjoying time in your garden is better with friends and the more time spent outdoors the happier and healthier we tend to be.


A Sporting Activity

Whether it’s a game of football with the kids, a couple’s badminton tournament, a volleyball match or a game of rounders (depending on how big your garden is) getting up and moving is great for our health (especially if we’ve been enjoying a lot of barbecue food). Sports are a great way to enjoy your garden space and can bring out a healthy competitive side that inspires us and motivates us in all other aspects of life.

Sporting Activity


Everyone needs time to relax and sunbathing (as long as you'vetopped up on sunscreen) is the perfect way to do this. Pop your sunglasses on, get a good book, sit back and relax. If you need a place to do this, we recommend one of our comfortable padded rattan sun loungers. Plus, if you don’t like sunbathing solo, a daybed allows more than one person to relax together.

Rattan Sun Lounger

Slip & Slide

Whether the kids or the big kid in you need to cool off in the heat and great and fun way to do this is to create a slip and slide. Many shops sell inflatable slides but a cheap way to recreate the fun is with a large tarp, some water and to make it even slipperier a dash of fairy liquid. Just be careful to make sure there is a soft padded area at the end to slide into and not hard concrete or patio.

Slip & Slide

Outdoor Movie Night

Weather permitting, putting a television or projector outside, creating a soft seating area like a sofa set or simply outdoor cushions padded up on the floor and a sitting down with a bowl of popcorn to enjoy a movie night under the stars can be a brilliant way to spend a summer evening.

Outdoor Movie Night

A Picnic

You don’t have to be going somewhere to make a picnic, simply have one in the back garden. Whether you eat at a garden table or lay blankets on the grass, enjoying nibbles outdoors is a great way to spend time in the sun with friends and family.

Picnic Table

Turn Your Shed Into A Summerhouse

We have discussed this idea in a previous blog post, and it’s a great way to enjoy your garden and still have somewhere to go and work, read, or sit in the shade when necessary.

Whatever you do with your garden this summer, we’re sure that spending time outdoors is a healthy and happy way to spend your days.

From Shed to Summerhouse