Do you have an ugly, old shed taking up space at the end of the garden? Don’t tear it down, turn it into a beautiful summerhouse with these top tips. Everything from preparing your shed to unique design tips and storage solutions is in this handy guide, so get comfy, read on and then get redesigning!

Emptying the Shed

This is going to be the least enjoyable part of the job but think of the beautiful summer house you can relax in once it’s all done. Just think of it as eating a boring meal and then getting to enjoy a spectacular fudge sundae at the end!

When you’re emptying, be sure to put aside anything you can upcycle into some great planters or other bits for the garden.

Preparing the New Space

Now you have a nice empty space, you have to prepare it for its transformation into your new summerhouse. Before you start painting or adding furniture in, you need to prepare the surfaces. This means removing loose bits of wood, any dust that’s built up and any dirt. Make sure you fill gaps and sand them down.

Another thing you should do is check that the roof is watertight, you don’t want to ruin any nice items you put in your summerhouse by not checking if it’s waterproof!

Shed to Summerhouse

It’s Time to Paint

Before picking a colour, think about how you want your summerhouse to look. Whether it’s shabby chic, modern and airy or prim and proper, we think light colours work best, they are summery and complement the natural colours in your garden well. We recommend pastel blues, off-whites, teals, light greys, or blues.

Do ensure that any paint you choose is suitable for use on wood and has wood treatment included, to protect from water damage.

Make it Warm

Transforming your shed’s interior to make it cosy as well as usable on cooler days means that you need to insulate well. Adding a fluffy rug to your wooden floor will make it more comfortable to tread on as well as warmer.

summer house

Don’t Forget the Outside

If you’ve got the space and the budget, you could add a decking area to the front of your summerhouse, making it the ideal space for a bistro dining set to dine al fresco.

If you want to do something smaller, then adding flower boxes underneath the windows is a great way to add a splash of colour and charm.

Add Furniture

You don’t want your summerhouse to turn into a cluttered mess like your shed was, so try to keep the design minimalistic and strip it back to basics. A comfortable place to sit, a rug, a few hanging photos, and a few green plants are enough to make the place cosy and enjoyable.

If you want it to be somewhere you can work, then a small desk is ideal, too. Depending on the type of work you do you may also need storage, a great idea for this is shelving and hanging hooks, giving you plenty of space to keep everything. Wicker baskets are also a nice touch for keeping muddy shoes or other bits and bobs.

summer house

We hope these top tips allow you to create a beautiful and useful space out of your old shed. If you have any spectacular transformations that you want to show off, send them to us and we will share them on our Instagram page @zebrano_rattan. Plus, if you need help choosing garden furniture for your summerhouse, pay one of our showrooms a visit and we will be happy to assist.