Free covers on selected sets The rain has driven us all barmy over the last few weeks and also driven our customers barmy.  We have lost count of the number of times we get asked, “when is the sun going to shine?”  In an attempt to cheer our customers up a little we have started to through in some free winter covers on selected sets.  The idea is to deliver our quality rattan furniture sets now but give the winter covers so that they can remain nice and dry and ready for the summer sun when it arrives.  I say when it arrives as you have to remain positive!   Our winter covers come in a few different sizes and are generally meant for use between October and February.  This year seems to be the exception as the winter seems to be dragging on into May!  I keep telling customers that the late start to summer will just mean that the summer doesn’t end until November.  I think this may be pushing the boundaries a little mind you.  The good news is that our rattan garden furniture is designed not only to last in all weathers but also to last for many years.  Therefore you are safely going to get good use out of your set even if it does take a while for the sun to come out. Check out our rattan garden furniture sale page for our special offers.  Alternatively give us a call and we can let you know what sets come with free covers.  We have highlighted the free covers on the website using post it notes so you can easily see the sets come with what items.  Hopefully all this makes sense but do give us a call or check out our website for details.