Consumer confidence is the biggest worry for UK Businesses. I find it interesting that the mood of the nation plays a significant role in how successful us small to medium sized businesses are. It seems almost irrelevant whether people can afford or desire to purchase goods and services and rather more important whether they are confident about the future of the economy. A very good friend of mine has an extremely positive take on life and believes that with positive thoughts come positive results. Here at Zebrano we try to €˜Flip it' so that when anything negative happens, we flip it and try to find the positive. It is a good way of looking at things and one that I would highly recommend. A survey out this week from GfK-NOP on behalf of, an insurance provider, shows that around 8 million adults in the UK are reining in there purchases even although they have the money and the desire to purchase. Richard Davies is the director at said "Many consumers do have the money but due to concerns around job security are storing up their cash for a rainy day." He added that around £7bn worth of sales in bigger ticket items such as furniture and electrical goods could be released if confidence could be boosted. I feel that the constant bombardment of negative press on the state of Europe or even our own economy has a self for filling eminent to it. People that are perfectly comfortable and unaffected by the macro issues find themselves acting like squirrels and hoarding there money away until the government tell them everything is Ok again. I say lets get positive and not talk everything down all the time. Here at Zebrano we say flip it are really looking forward to a wonderful spring and summer.