I have just finished a blog on our new assembly service when I seen this flat packed furniture game. Just a bit of fun and considerably less stressful than an afternoon trying to work out Ikea instructions. The Game was created in an amazing 48 hours as part of the Global Game Jam 2015 in Atlanta USA. You can follow the game's development on twitter @StorkBurntDown or like their Facebook page facebook.com/homeimprovisation Having spent many a wasted hour with a certain Swedish furniture manufacturer that my old housemate used to call fast food furniture I thought this game was worth a mention here on our blog. Aj Kolenc -Jessica Jackson - Colton Spross - Josh Faubel at the Global Game Jam, made the game. This year's task was to create a game inspired by the question "What do I do now?" One of the games developers, Colton Spross told the BBC "That's the question I ask all the time when I'm assembling Ikea-style furniture" The team has dedicated the games creation to their mentor Tony Tseng who sadly died before the start of the competition. Mr. Tseng used to work in the gaming industry before giving this up to become a teacher and lecturer at the Savannah College of Art and Design. (SCAD) The Global Game Jam had meant a lot to Professor Tseng and after his death the team decided to develop a game in his memory. The team has made the game available to download and is also raising money for Prof Tseng's young family.