Check out our Jubilee specials on our rattan garden furniture sale page and for today only receive a further 10% off if you phone in and mention the blog! I am working tomorrow so you have to call me up and say €˜I have seen the 10% off on your blog€™ and you will receive just that. That€™s 10% off all prices throughout the site regardless of whether they have already been reduced or not. This is a one day special so do not call on Wednesday and expect the same 10% discount.

Why am I doing this? Honestly the answer is to see how many people read the blog and actually act on it. I know you€™re out there but giving you an extra discount and making you that extra bit special seems appealing to me. In all honesty we don€™t have to do this extra discount as we are so busy we are going to sell out regardless but I do think that those people that have been on our website many times and have really invested the time and effort to read all through the site deserve a little extra.

If this sale goes well I will from time to time put the odd product on the blog at discount rates and again make it a special €˜blog readers only€™ price. It€™s just a way to say thanks for listening or rather reading the blog and making Zebrano rattan the number one rattan garden furniture website in the UK. (That€™s Google€™s rank anyway!) Number one for €˜rattan garden furniture€™, number one for €˜rattan furniture€™, number one for €˜rattan garden cube sets€™. Actually the list goes on but I think you get the picture.

Why are we number one? Well the answer to this is a long one but suffice to say that you play your part by coming onto the site and spending time here reading all our content. Our site is visited by thousands of people everyday and they spend more and more time here viewing our range of products. All of this is a waste of time if our customers are not happy at the end of it all and this 10% is just our way to say thanks. Call us up and ask to speak to Dave as I am the only one who knows about this extra discount! Maybe I€™ll speak to you later??