If you’re having people over for New Year’s Eve and you’re worried about having enough room in the house, don’t worry you can just extend your party outdoors! Here’s everything you need to keep you and your guests warm and cosy.

Everything you Need for a New Year’s Eve Garden Party

Somewhere to Sit

Rattan garden furniture is incredibly weatherproof, and it endures the cold well, so no matter how chilly it is you and your guests will have somewhere comfortable to sit.

Keeping Warm

A patio heater is the ideal solution for keeping your guests warm. Our range of patio heaters offer plenty of heat coverage and are perfect for whether your guests are sitting or standing in the garden. Additionally, our freestanding heaters come with a clever ‘tip-over’ switch which means that should anyone (perhaps after a few to many wines) knock the heater over, it will switch off immediately, keeping everyone safe.

Everything you Need for a New Year’s Eve Garden Party

Tidying Up

If you’re having lots of people over, you might want a place to store cushions and blankets or coats so that you have easy access to them when needed. A rattan storage box is the perfect solution for keeping these items neat and tidy and protected from any sudden downpours.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

Food and drink are essential for any New Year’s Eve party! Don’t worry about any spills, if you have one of our rattan dining tables the tempered glass top is easy to wipe down and the rattan itself is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

These things apply to every garden party and not just New Year’s Eve, so if you have a garden party coming up we recommend visiting one of our showrooms to find everything you need.