I can't say that this week has gone without its trials and tribulations but I can say that we have tried our best and thankfully pulled through unscathed. Everyone is ready for the Jubilee from Zebrano rattan point of view. I mean that our customers have all been delivered to and they are probably right now sitting on there new rattan garden furniture attempting to soak up the evening sun.

Having said that there are a few special deliveries that are taking place tomorrow so if you are one of those customers don't worry we haven't forgotten about you! As you all already know we are only a small family run company with customer happiness at the forefront of our mind so if you do want to take to us or find out where your delivery is then do give us a call. The phones are ringing off the hook this week so if you don't get picked up straight away do bear with us as we do get through all the messages as fast as we can.

I must admit that the jubilee has grown on me as it has got nearer and nearer. The best bit for me has been the faces of my two little ones today when they had there Jubilee picnic at school. Everyone had to dress up in red white and blue and there was bunting galore all over the playground. Everyone knows that the best days at school are the ones where you get to dress up in your own clothes but better still are the days when you have an element of fancy dress. This wasn't quite fancy dress but everyone was very proud to be showing off their red white and blue clothes.

Hopefully the Jubilee will be remembered by my four and six year olds for ever as it is not something that is likely to ever happen again. Well in my lifetime anyway. I will certainly remember the week leading up to the Jubilee but for rattan garden furniture reasons mainly! I am working three out of the four days of the upcoming weekend but I will still have some street party fun after work and a BBQ on the Monday providing the weather holds good. I'm sure my Rattan cube will get some use this weekend that's for sure.