Whilst many of us pack our garden furniture away in the winter and forget about it until the spring, we feel that if you have rattan garden furniture you could be wasting the benefits of rattan when doing this. Here, we have outlined the best ways to enjoy rattan furniture in the winter.

Weatherproof Covers

Covering Up

Investing in a weatherproof protective cover for your rattan garden furniture means that your rattan is ready to use at any time. The furniture will not get dirty and will be protected from the rain, so should there be some enjoyable winter sun on a mild day, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your furniture.

Our covers themselves are fade resistant and UV protected so they will keep their colouring and never become an eyesore in your garden.

Patio Heaters

Warming Up

If it’s a nice day and you want some fresh air, but the winter air is a bit too bitter for you, there’s no better way to enjoy your furniture than to accompany it with an outdoor heater. Our collection of patio heaters is designed for winter use and allow you to get the most out of your furniture all year round.

Whether you opt for a table-top, or freestanding patio heater you will be kept nice and warm. Keep the food and drink flowing and you might even believe that it is still summer!

Rattan Furniture Indoors

Take it Inside

The beauty of rattan garden furniture is that it is not only suitable for outdoor use, rattan works great indoors too, especially if you have a conservatory. Get the most out of your furniture and create a set up indoors until the weather warms up again and enjoy the comfort of your rattan indoors.

The great thing about rattan furniture is its lightweight nature means that it is incredibly easy to move around and therefore converting your furniture from outdoor to indoor furniture requires minimal effort.

If you’re looking for furniture to use over the winter period or in the summer, we recommend visiting us in store to test the furniture for yourself or giving our knowledgeable customer service team a call.