Whenever I am in the garden on my Zebrano rattan sun lounger, I don't just read or relax under the sunshine, sometimes, I often do a little dreaming. Usually its related to garden furniture! Occasionally I can be a little more flamboyant branded cars, mansion, playing at the NBA. My wife is always telling me I am a dreamer but I think you have to have a dream in order to achieve them! How can you be expected to reach great heights if you don't have dreams? I read a story today that sounded like it should have been a dream! Trouble is that someone's dream has in fact become a reality. The F-35. F-35 is the other common term for Joint Strike Fighter Jet which was purchased by the UK Defense Team from the US manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Right from Fort Worth, Texas, Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond said it is the best war jet which money can buy. It actually costs more than 100m pounds. Hammond watched the jet fly for the first time and said is worth the money spent. The F-35 is believed to be the most expensive and the heaviest among the created three versions because it carries a lift fan propulsion system that is responsible for its jump ability. Moreover, it is a variant of the STOVL or short take-off and vertical landing. It was created with stealth capabilities and radar transparency which cannot be found with the scrapped Harrier jet UK used to have. F-35 has acute angles and extraordinary coating that makes it hard for enemies to detect. Overwhelmed, it seemed like I was stuck harder to my rattan sun lounger imagining the F-35 just passed above my head. This fancy dream about F-35 was drastically replaced by a question: Was it really necessary for the government to own a 100m pound worth jet? I don't think our national security condition really calls for such costly armament. There are more important things that need attention and funding like education, health and agriculture.