Keeping your garden furniture protected during the winter can be a very simple or very tricky task, depending on what material your furniture is. Here, we will help you understand whether your rattan garden furniture needs a cover or not.

Weatherproof Covers

We stock a huge selection of weatherproof covers designed to specifically fit certain sets in our rattan furniture collection. The covers are made with PVC backed polyester and treated with a special Weathertex formula which helps water to bead and repel, keeping the furniture dry. The covers are also UV resistant so that they will never fade and resistant to frost and snow, keeping your furniture dry all year round.

High quality rattan garden furniture made from aluminium frames and HDPE/PE synthetic rattan does not necessarily need a cover, however many people like to cover their garden furniture in order to keep the furniture clean. If furniture is covered it is protected from falling leaves and dirt that is associated with autumn and winter plus, it is also protected from dirty water that comes with snow and frost.

Winter Rattan

Lesser quality materials such as steel frames or PVC/PU synthetic rattan materials should ideally be kept inside throughout the winter in order to avoid rust. However, if you do not have the room to store your furniture away, or the area you store your furniture is still exposed to the damp and cold, then we would recommend covering your furniture.

Lesser quality materials will never last as long as high-quality furniture, even when covered throughout the winter. However, this will definitely help to keep the furniture protected from the harshest parts of winter and help the furniture to last longer than if it was to be left outside unprotected.

The most important feature of our covers is that the covers themselves are long lasting. Not only do the covers help to increase the longevity of your furniture but they also last a long time themselves which means you will not have to replace them every year in order to keep your furniture protected.

If you need help selecting a cover for your garden furniture, we recommend contacting our customer service team or visiting us in store.