Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture will NOT fade in the sun. This is one of the major factors when looking at purchasing all weather rattan furniture. You don't want to be buying something that looks stylish and contemporary only for it to fade and look shabby after only a few months.

The Synthetic Rattan that we use when manufacturing our rattan garden furniture is UV protected and does not fade. It is very similar to the PVC used in the manufacture of double glazed windows and they also do not fade in the sun. The cushions are all beige and therefore very difficult to see if they have faded or not. We have been selling this type of rattan garden furniture for around five years now and thus far we have not seen any fading.

Even the parasols are in beige so we once again find it difficult if not impossible to see if there has been any fading. As the parasol is exposed to the majority of the sun light we would recommend our beige parasols. If you choose to go elsewhere then check the parasol is UV resistant as you will be surprised how shabby the whole suite can look if the parasols are a faded color rather than the a crisp clean color. We have stuck with the beige as it ties in with the cushions and seems to bring a lighter, cleaner look to our suites.

For more information on this topic have a look through our about rattan garden furniture page which has many articles on all things rattan. A specific that may be of interest is 'will my rattan furniture fade in the sun?'