With the primary weather in the UK being rain, whether it’s a light shower or a heavy downpour, you will rightly want to make sure that your garden furniture can withstand the rain without damage. Here, we look into whether rain can affect your rattan garden furniture.

Synthetic Rattan vs. Natural Rattan

Let’s start by looking at the difference between synthetic rattan and natural wicker. Firstly, you will be hard pushed to find natural wicker available in the UK, for the very reason that it does not thrive well in damp conditions and will rot.

Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture

So, what is synthetic rattan, and does it fare any better? Synthetic rattan is a plastic alternative which is often made from either PE (polyethylene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Both of these materials are flexible and therefore easily woven into garden furniture, as well as being lightweight and much more durable than natural rattan.

Whilst PE is the tougher, more weatherproof option, PVC is also a viable alternative for garden furniture that can cope with being left outdoors in the rain.

Aluminium vs. Steel

Another deciding factor as to whether your rattan furniture will last outdoors in damp conditions is the framework underneath the synthetic rattan. Steel framework is not as durable as aluminium and can often rust in damp conditions which will leave little orange pools on your patio which can be very tricky to remove.

Aluminium frames, however, are designed to thrive in damp conditions and will never rust, leaving your patio clean and your furniture safe and durable.

You can often tell whether rattan furniture is made from aluminium or steel due to the warranty the furniture comes with. Steel frames will often only have a 1-year guarantee whereas aluminium frames will be upwards of 5 years.

Is Synthetic Rattan Weather-Resistant?

Is Synthetic Rattan Weather-Resistant?

Synthetic rattan – particularly PE rattan made with aluminium frames – is extremely weather-resistant not just against the damp and heavy downpours but also against frost and snow and UV rays. The furniture is UV stabilised which means it will not fade in the sun, so your rattan garden furniture will never lose its colour. Additionally, it is incredibly durable against the snow and frost and will not become brittle or snap like cheaper rattan materials.

Can I Leave My Rattan Furniture Outside Throughout Winter?

Notoriously the autumn and winter months are the dampest months of the year. However, this doesn’t mean you need to store your rattan furniture indoors. If you have made sure you have PE rattan with aluminium frames, you will be able to leave it outdoors without worry – just make sure you remove the cushions and store those indoors as those will not be weatherproof.

If you have cheaper, steel-framed rattan garden furniture we do recommend taking steps to protect this, which could mean storing it indoors throughout the winter.

Weatherproof Cover

What Can I Do To Help My Rattan Garden Furniture Last Longer?

If you’re worried about your garden furniture being left outdoors, or you simply want to ensure you get the most out of your rattan furniture and it reaches a long lifespan, we recommend investing in a weatherproof, winter garden furniture cover.

These covers will help shield your rattan garden furniture from the rain, as well as any snow and frost, and also keep it free from dirt, helping to increase its longevity. However, be sure to still remove your garden furniture cushions as these cannot be left under the covers otherwise, they will sweat, and this can turn the cushions mouldy.

Mostly, rattan garden furniture is incredibly low maintenance and rain will have little effect on the longevity of your furniture. But for peace of mind, a garden furniture cover can add that extra layer of protection.

For more information on garden furniture covers or to order rattan garden furniture, speak to one of our helpful customer service agents here.