I had a new customer today looking at the Lyon rattan table and six chairs.  The Lyon comes in both round and rectangular but in this case the couples were interested in the rectangular.  The suite was going to be going into a conservatory and the first question was ‘how does the glass stand up to extreme heat?’   It was a new one on me as most of the time people are more concerned about how the rattan stands up to different temperatures and more often different weather patterns.  As this particular couple was putting the suite inside they were not too interested in the all weather features.  The main consideration was dinner parties and whether the glass would withstand hot dishes and the like. The questions lead me to dig out our British Standard pass certificate for the quality glass used on all our tables.  Our glass has of course passed all the standards required for dining tables.  The glass is a tempered glass which is essential for glass used outside and although this table and chairs was going to be used inside you still get a variety of temperatures. Take my conservatory for instance.  We have under floor heating which you can only feel if you have freezing cold feet and you take your sock off.  I think the heating is berried so far underground that very little heat is getting through.  In the winter our Algarve rattan sofa suite which is in our conservatory experiences minus temperatures on a regular basis.  In the summer the large areas of glass create a magnifying effect and you can have very hot conditions.  In both these conditions the furniture is fine. As far as the question of hot plates on the glass I think the answer is that the glass can take it but best practice would say use mats as a precaution.