Here is another question I have just had about the London Corner Sofa. The London is a modular sofa which means that it is made up of seven different sections.  These sections or modules as we call them can be arranged in various different ways to make up the corner sofa.  As you can see from our video clip here the Macassar is a very versatile piece of furniture. London Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Suite One question we do get asked quite often is whether there are any clips to secure the different modules in place once you have set the sofa up in your preferred configuration. The answer is yes we do have some plastic clips which are used to hold each module in place. To be honest for many years we did not have these clips and we found that there was no issue as far as movement of each section was concerned.  That said we often got asked the question so we have decided to include them from now on. The general consensus was that people like the idea of being able to connect each module and whilst we never hand any issues of the suite moving when people sat on them it was more for piece of mind. Not all of our rattan garden sofas have these clips so give us a call if you want to make sure that the suite you are interested in has them or not. Author