Do you have a business with outdoor space that you’re not sure how to utilise in a safe, socially distanced way? Perhaps you own a café, or a restaurant and the new rules mean you need to set up an outdoor space for customers to eat together? Well, read on for our top tips on how to create an outdoor seating area your customers feel safe and comfortable in.

Let’s face it, businesses are having to adapt quickly throughout this pandemic as the government announce new rules. With the latest tier system in place, many businesses are facing a new challenge of different households not being able to meet indoors, so they must adapt and create an outdoor space where customers can sit at a safe distance but still enjoy the delights of your business.

Having an outdoor seating area set up will help your customers to feel safer and encourage them to spend time at your business rather than choosing to get a takeaway at home. And, if you do it correctly, you will ensure your customers are also comfortable as well as safe.

Here are our top tips to create an outdoor seating area for your business that abides by social distancing measures and creates a comfortable area you can still utilise once life returns to normal:

Outdoor Seating Area Photo from themeskenhutton on Instagram.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Our first suggestion is to always opt for rattan garden furniture. Not only is this furniture weatherproof and can be left outside even in terrible weather conditions but it is also extremely easy to wipe down and clean – this means a wipe down with antibacterial in between uses takes virtually no time at all.

Modular Sofa Pieces

Secondly, modular sofa pieces are an ideal way to create socially distanced seating areas. These pieces can be rearranged with ease to create several separate seating spaces or pushed together so that those from the same household can sit together. This also allows customers to space the pieces apart, as they deem necessary, so that they feel safe but also incredibly comfortable.

Dining Sets

If your customers are coming to you for something to eat, then it’s likely they will need an actual table to dine at. Garden furniture dining sets are pretty straightforward but in order to maintain social distancing measures, here are a few top tips:

Outdoor Dining Sets Photo from themeskenhutton on Instagram

1. Bistro tables for same household tables of two.
2. Round/square dining tables for same household tables of four.
3. Large rectangular dining tables for mixed households with some chairs removed to ensure the correct distance is achieved.
4. Choose stacking chairs so that when you do need to remove chairs, they can be put somewhere neat and tidy without taking up valuable space.

Keeping Warm

We’re heading into winter, so don’t let you customers be put off by having to sit outdoors. Instead make it an enjoyable experience by adding several warming features such as:

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are ideal because not only do they add warmth, but they also add light, allowing customers to see as it gets dark and keeping bums on seats for longer.

Patio Heaters

A great suggestion for businesses is to opt for patio heaters that can be connected to parasols. This means that the patio heater is safely out of reach of customers and also casts light directly over the table space. Plus, if there is a light shower, the parasol over the table will keep guests dry too.


If you have the space and the safety procedures in place, firepit tables could make all the difference to your business this winter. Go for gas operated firepits for more control over the flames and extra safety, and always make sure you have the wind guard in place.

Firepit tables generate plenty of heat, allowing you to keep your guests warm and they look exciting and inviting, adding a little extra to your business.

If you run a business and wish to place a large order for your outdoor seating area, please contact us for great deals.