In these strange times ahead, it seems we won’t be leaving the comfort of our own homes very much, which is why we think it’s a great idea to turn your garden into a haven that feels like a weekend getaway to a summer house. Follow our top tips below to achieve a garden sanctuary that offers a little rest bite to the strange circumstances we all find ourselves in right now.

Casual Dining Set

A Space to Relax

Just because you find yourself now working from home doesn’t mean life has become any less stressful, in fact with everything going on it is probably more so, which is why you still need a space to relax.

Our recommendations for creating a relaxing outdoor space are to ensure you have garden furniture you can sink into, sprawl out on and unwind with. This could be a sun lounger to lay down on and relax with, a corner sofa where you can put your feet up and relax, or a dining set with comfortable lounging chairs that you can nestle into.

You should also encourage relaxing sounds in the garden – to drown out the sound of the kids repeatedly kicking a football against the wall – so we recommend a peaceful water feature and even some wind chimes. Another great relaxing sound is the sound of a fire pit crackling, so a fire pit is another great furniture solution to create a relaxing space.

Fire Pit Set

A Practical Solution

If your garden is now the only place you can get fresh air it needs to be practical and suitable for every occasion, whether that’s the kids' PE lessons taking place out in the garden, eating a meal outdoors to get some fresh air, or you taking your office outdoors into the sunshine to try and feel a bit more positive.

Therefore, you should try and make the most of your available space by ensuring no furniture is on the grass – reserve this space for outdoor activities – and utilise your patio or decking space with furniture that is suitable to your needs.

We recommend a dining table or casual dining table if you plan to spend time working outdoors as these are both comfortable and supportive solutions. However, if you want to reserve your garden as a place for unwinding then you could opt for a fire pit dining table which offers space to eat outdoors as well as stay outdoors for longer thanks to the warming flames.


A Place for Quality Time

If you’re spending all of your time with the same person or people, it can be difficult to appreciate them and the quality time you can share in this unique situation. Frustrations are likely to flare when you’re stuck with the same faces for so long, so be sure to encourage quality time to help remind you why you loved these people in the first place.

A great way to do this is with a BBQ or an outdoor kitchen. People bond over food and most of us are much happier on a full stomach, so regularly cook meals outdoors and ensure these mealtimes are times to bond and create fun, happy memories.

We hope our recommendations can help you through this difficult and trying time. We want our customers to know that we are still open for orders and we will be delivering your items using a no-contact delivery service to keep you and our team safe.