When the summer comes around, finding time to actually spend time outdoors in amongst work and busy lives can be tricky. But what if you could work whilst outdoors in the sunshine? We’ve outlined some ways to turn your outdoor living space into an outdoor office.

Supportive Chair

Choose Comfortable/Supportive Furniture

Lumbar support is crucial for any chair that you are going to be sat in for a long time, so it’s important when setting up your outdoor office space to consider the type of chair you choose. A high-backed chair with armrests plenty of cushion support is ideal for this purpose.

These types of chairs are also ideal for relaxing when you’re finished work and want to turn your space back into a garden living area.

Pick A Suitable Table

When choosing a table, you need to consider the height of the table, is it the right height to see your laptop at eye level? You also need to consider whether it will be big enough to fit all of your work needs as well as whether all your family can fit around the table when you convert it back into your usual garden space.

We recommend visiting a garden furniture showroom to do this, perhaps even take your laptop with you so that you can check whether it sits at the right height on the table.

Working Outdoors

Ensure There’s Plenty of Shade

Whilst sitting outside in the sunshine to work is enjoyable, too long spent in the sun can be dangerous. Not to mention it can make it difficult to see your laptop screen if it gets too sunny, so there needs to be plenty of shade available.

If you’ve chosen a dining table for your office table, you should have a parasol hole through the middle and any standard wood or aluminium parasol should fit this. If not, a cantilever parasol will be your best option for creating shade.

Well Lit Space

If you’re in the rhythm and having to work late, you can continue to work outside as long as your space is well lit. A patio heater offers plenty of light as well as warmth, keeping you going until you’ve got everything finished.

If you’re planning on converting your garden into an outdoor office area, we have everything you need available online. Plus, with our showroom you can visit us in person to measure up and test the comfort and support of the furniture. Additionally, we have knowledgeable customer service agents that can offer advice and insight on the best furniture for the job.