In order to keep your garden neat and tidy it is important to have suitable outdoor storage space. Often everything can get flung into the shed and this can often mean you avoid getting the things you need back out or you damage items. So, having suitable storage that allows you to easily access your items is important. Below, we have recommended our favourite outdoor storage solutions.

From kids’ toys, to garden furniture cushions, and gardening tools, there is plenty of stuff that ends up scattered about your garden that you would rather find a place for. However, places to store things in the garden is often limited thanks to space. Here, we have revealed the best places to store your outdoor items and leave your garden ready for use.

Large Rattan Storage Box

Summer House

If you have the space, a summer house is the perfect outdoor storage solution. You can turn your summer house into an extra room which means you can add things like drawers, hooks and shelving which make the perfect place to store items.

It also means that if you have garden furniture that needs to be stored indoors over the winter, you can place it in here and not have to worry about it over the colder months.

Storage Box

A Storage box is a brilliant storage solution for outdoor garden furniture cushions, as well as children’s toys, bicycles and much more. With many options available like plastic and rattan storage boxes there is plenty of choice for something that suits your garden.

Storage Bag

We recommend a rattan storage box as they are very weather resistant and also match your garden furniture helping it to look like a part of the garden rather than an unsightly box that stands out like a sore thumb.

To ensure your rattan storage box is fully weather resistant we recommend purchasing a weatherproof cover to go with this.

Storage Bags

If a storage box is too big for your space, then a storage bag is the next best option. These bags are perfect for housing garden furniture cushions and keeping them clean and dry. Plus, with helpful handles these bags can be carried from the garden to the shed with ease and stored out of sight. Storing the bag in the shed helps to keep the cushions neat and tidy rather than flung into the shed to get covered in dirt and cobwebs.

With small and large options available, these storage bags can house cushions from one or multiple sets and the larger options can even keep big cushions from sofa and corner sofa sets inside.

Keeping your garden neat and tidy as well as your cushions and other items clean and presentable has never been easier with these storage solutions. If you need help choosing the storage option that is right for you, we recommend speaking to one of our helpful customer service agents.