Are you planning a garden revamp this year? Choosing your colour scheme is the best place to start as it will dictate all of the choices you make and help everything to match. Below, we have uncovered the psychology of different colours according to to help you choose the colour that speaks to you the most, as well as plants and furniture ideas that fall into these colour schemes.


If you are simply looking for something easy to achieve that requires little maintenance, then green is the perfect base colour. Green is also the colour of balance, of peace and equilibrium. So, if you want a peaceful space then surround yourself with greens.

Ferns are the easiest way to create an evergreen garden. Plus, if you don’t want an overwhelming sea of green then use gentle colours like lavender to offset the green.

For furniture, because green is such a natural colour, we recommend garden furniture that is also natural like browns and willow colours. Wooden benches work well in amongst green but rattan in brown and willow will also work well.

blue garden


Blue is a gentle colour that works well for gardens and is the colour for intellectuals. Blue also denotes communication, trust, serenity, reflection and calm. Calm and serenity are definitely aspects you want to create in your outdoor space.

Our favourite blue flowers and plants include bluebells, forget me nots and blue hydrangea, combining these will offer a mixture of subtle and more striking shades.

You could also paint your shed or outhouse in a gentle blue colour and add blue scatter cushions to your garden furniture. For the garden furniture itself we feel that grey and white wash rattan will complement blue the best.


Red has some negative connotations being defiance and aggression but if you use this colour correctly you can encourage the positive feelings associated with the colour red, such as strength, warmth and excitement.

Roses, poppies, dahlias and red sun flowers are our favourite flowers to achieve this more positive outlook with the colour red.

For garden furniture, dark woods complement red well as well as dark brown rattan and cream cushions.

Pink Garden


Pink is the colour of femininity, love, and tranquillity and is known to be a very soothing colour as well as often sensual.

Hydrangeas, magnolias, pink tulips and pink roses are the way to go if you want to achieve a feminine, sensual garden space.

White wash rattan is the best way to set off these pink colours, especially when paired with pink scatter cushions.


Yellow is an emotional colour full of optimism and creativity. So, if you want your garden to be a creative space then yellow is the best colour for you.

Primrose, marigolds, sun flowers, and acacia create a very colourful and positive environment.

Yellow goes with light natural woods as well as grey and white wash rattan.