With so much rattan garden furniture to choose from in a range of different weaves, styles, colours and from many manufacturers it can be incredibly difficult to make a decision on the perfect rattan garden furniture for you and your garden. However, here at Zebrano, we believe there are plenty of ways to narrow down your search and to choose the best furniture for your needs.

Having a stylish and sophisticated garden has rapidly become as essential as your property’s interior decor, so for discerning individuals, rattan is the clear choice. A natural-looking material which can be used both indoors and out, rattan has the ability to link up the style from the inside of your home to the outside. However, there is a wide range of rattan garden furniture available and picking the right designs can seem overwhelming. Here are a few ideas about how to pick the perfect rattan garden furniture.

Are you the type of person who has trouble making up their mind about what to purchase? You might have this problem with anything that you purchase, such as clothes, movies, and furniture. Clothes and movies are inexpensive products though, so you can afford to make a mistake in purchasing them. However, when it comes to purchasing something like furniture, you need to pick the perfect furniture set for yourself or else you will be wasting a lot of time and money on it.

So, what is perfect furniture? To a lot of people, perfect means a high quality and durable furniture set that will last a lifetime. To others, it means a cheap furniture set that will last 5 to 10 years after moderate use. But what is the better decision to make? Do you want to invest a little more money and purchase furniture that will last for the rest of your life, or do you want to have to keep purchasing new furniture every decade? If you can think wisely about it, the better choice will be to purchase high-quality furniture.

Rattan Garden Furniture Colour


Rattan garden furniture offers you plenty of choice regarding colour, including brown, grey, black, natural, and white wash.

Brown is the most traditional colour for rattan garden furniture and is still one of the most popular choices.

Grey has risen in popularity over the last couple of years thanks to its modern appearance and ability to look stylish in both modern and traditional spaces.

Black, is now extremely difficult to find and appears to be dying out in the world of rattan so we recommend not opting for a black set if you wish to add matching items or accessories in the future.

Natural rattan is also incredibly popular within traditional spaces. Lighter than brown rattan, natural weaves look great in large green spaces and on patios.

White Wash is a new colour option for rattan and offers a quirky and exotic styling that is great for modern spaces.


Once you’ve chosen the colour of your furniture this will narrow down your options for style choices as some styles will not be available in every colour. To help choose your style you need to know the purpose behind your furniture and the size of the area you wish to keep your furniture.

For example, if the primary purpose of your garden furniture is to host al fresco dining parties for family and friends you will need to look for dining sets and decide on the number of seats needed. Or, if you wish to relax in the sunshine then you would want to get a daybed or sun lounger.

There are many styles of rattan garden furniture available including dining sets, casual dining sets, corner sofa sets, sofa sets, bistro sets, daybeds, sun loungers, and cube sets.

Rattan Garden Furniture Style


Choosing the weave of your rattan furniture is a very important decision that will impact all other decisions such as style, colour, shape and warranty. You have the choice of flat weave, which is the most popular weave choice, half round weave, and rod weave.

Flat weave is an incredibly durable weave choice and is by far the most popular among consumers as it is the cheapest weave option. This light weave requires very little maintenance and is most durable when woven around powder coated aluminium frames. When this is the case, flat weave will often come with a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Half round weave is a slightly heavier weave and is a half rod weave that is also most durable when woven around powder coated aluminium frames. When this is the case, this furniture will come with a guarantee of up to 7 years.

Rod weave is the heaviest of weave styles making it the most difficult to lift and move around, however it is the most durable and often comes with a guarantee of up to 10 years. This is the most expensive weave process.

Rattan Garden Furniture Shape & Size

Shape & Size

To decide the shape and size of your rattan garden furniture you will need to know where you want your furniture to go and how big this space is. If you have a large space available you may want to have a larger dining set or corner sofa lounge set whereas for smaller spaces a bistro set or cube set, that can be tucked away, would be ideal.

The shape of your furniture will also come down to preference. For example, for dining sets you will often have the choice of a round, square, rectangular or oval shaped dining table and this shape will ultimately come down to your preference and how many seats you wish to accompany your set.

Synthetic Rattan Material

Finally, your choice of material will impact the durability and warranty on your furniture. Rattan furniture is available in 3 materials, PE, PVC and PU. PVC and PU synthetic rattans are cheaper options that are not completely weatherproof and can suffer some damage when left outside. They will often only come with a 1-year guarantee; however, they are the cheaper choice.

PE Rattan is a high quality, weatherproof rattan that can be left outside all year without damage. This material’s warranty can range from 3 to 10 years. It is more expensive, but its durability will far outweigh the cost.

Synthetic rattan is the perfect material for your garden furniture because it is not organic. Instead, it is formulated to resist tough weather conditions and remain durable while resembling real rattan fibers. This means that if you leave synthetic rattan garden furniture in your backyard all year, it will be able to withstand all the punishment that weather brings. The material will not fade, deteriorate, fall apart, or break like natural rattan would. At the same time, the synthetic material will be flexible and comfortable to sit or lie down on. Can you think of any other furniture that is more perfect?

Rattan furniture is weatherproof.

Now that you know what perfect furniture means, next you must figure out what type of furniture constitutes as perfect under these requirements? This is simple because rattan garden furniture is far superior to any other type of outdoor furniture. It is perfect because it gives you all the benefits of what outdoor furniture should have. For starters, rattan furniture is weatherproof and waterproof which means that rainy weather will not deteriorate the material. It can also survive the UV rays of the sunlight without fading or diminishing in quality. Because of these reasons, rattan garden furniture will last for multiple lifetimes. You can even pass it down to your kids after you are gone so that they can enjoy these same benefits too.

Rattan Garden Furniture is Weatherproof

No shelter required for Zebrano garden furniture

You might be concerned about whether rattan furniture is right for your garden if you don’t have an area where it will be sheltered from the elements. But the good news is that rattan is completely weatherproof and can be left out all year round, no matter what Mother Nature brings! Hot sunshine, plunging temperatures, snow, rain and ice are all of no consequence to rattan garden furniture. Treated to prevent it fading in the sunlight or cracking in extremes of hot or cold, rattan furniture is incredibly resilient and doesn’t need to be either protected or placed in storage. The only exception are the fabric cushions and upholstery; these can be stored in a snazzy rattan storage box to protect them from the worst of the weather, and quickly be thrown back on when you’re ready to use your furniture again.

What do you plan on using your furniture for?

Okay, so you know that rattan garden furniture is the perfect type of furniture. The next step is choosing the perfect rattan garden furniture set for your outdoor space. If you are like most people, you want to put your outdoor furniture on a deck, patio, or next to your garden. These are all fine locations to place rattan garden furniture, but you still need to do some homework first. What this means is that you need to take measurements of the outdoor space where you want the furniture set to go. Otherwise, you will end up purchasing a rattan garden furniture set that is too big for this space.

The second step is figuring out what the purpose of your rattan garden furniture set will be. Are you trying to entertain guests and plan on hosting regular parties in your backyard? Maybe you just want some outdoor furniture that you can relax on after a hard day’s work and don’t plan on inviting people over. Whatever the purpose is for the furniture, there are rattan garden furniture sets available to accommodate your needs. You just need to know where to look and what the different furniture sets can offer you. If you have all your measurements of the backyard space and know the type of furniture set that will fit best there, then the next step is shopping for your set.

Does size matter in the garden?

Rattan furniture can be used in large gardens as well as small as there’s a wide range of styles to choose from. If you only have a compact space, you might want to opt for a space-saving design such as a cube set. This table and chairs slots away neatly together when not in use but folds open to provide comfortable chairs and maximum table surface. But rattan dining sets come in large sizes too, with plenty of room to accommodate large groups of up to 10 people or more. There’s a range of styles to select from, with both individual chairs to stools and benches. The latter can provide a far more informal look and is great for those social occasions. Don’t be tempted to pick a dining set which is too large for your garden; of course you need to have enough spaces for everyone to be seated but if it’s too big, your outside space will look stuffed and crowded. As a general rule of thumb, having around 60cm behind the seating will stop the chairs and table from being too squashed. If you don’t have this much room, you might want to consider an alternative style.

For example, if you plan to host some friendly gatherings or just want to have family meals outside on occasion, then you will want to purchase a rattan dining set from Zebrano. A rattan dining set typically features a dining table, chairs, and an optional parasol to shade everyone from the sun. You can choose dining sets with square tables or circular tables, depending on your preference. There is no perfect choice other than the one which suits your needs and backyard space. Some people like square tables because they are compact while others prefer round tables because they can seat more people.

Remember that price should not be your ultimate deciding factor over which rattan garden furniture set to get. Just examine what you need and where you will put the furniture. The rest of the decisions will come naturally.

Rattan Garden Furniture Corner Sofa

In some situations, you might want furniture that is more comfortable and allows you to conduct some basic dining. If this sounds like you, then a better rattan garden furniture choice would be the rattan sofa sets or rattan loungers. These sets usually come with coffee tables or side tables, but nothing as big as a dining table. Instead, there is more emphasis put on the chairs that you sit on because they give you more room and offer additional padded cushioning. With the sofa sets, there will be enough room for one person to lie down and completely stretch their legs on it. If this is what you want to use it for, then a sofa set would be the perfect choice for you.

Finally, if you want to fill any corner area in your backyard or patio space, then a rattan corner set

would be perfect for this. Obviously, a rattan corner set will fit in a corner space because it creates the 90-degree angle that is necessary to accommodate it. This can actually save you quite a bit of space because you can rest the corner set against your home and conserve as much of your land space as possible.

How will it be used and by who?

You might love the idea of a big formal table and chairs but if your teenagers are more likely to use the space for lounging around, perhaps a daybed would be a better idea? If you have room to accommodate all of your ideas, then you’ve got no reason to hold back, but if you need to pick and choose your garden furniture, consider what is likely to get the most use and by who. There’s different styles of tables and chairs available so if that’s what you crave but the rest of the house want easy chairs, compromise and pick a dining set where the chairs can double up for both purposes. Rattan is an incredibly versatile material in a variety of designs so there’s no excuse not to find what you’re looking for.


For a garden which is stylish and practical too, rattan is the obvious solution. By considering the dimensions, and the style of what you choose, you can make sure you get the most out of the furniture you buy. Check out our full range of rattan furniture here.