With winter well underway, the only way to enjoy your garden is to ensure it is well heated and well lit. Our range of patio heaters combine these two functions to allow you to enjoy your garden throughout the winter. Here, we have outlined the ideal heaters to accompany your garden furniture.

Table Top Patio Heaters

Parasol Heaters

Our parasol heaters are ideal for projecting heat and light over your dining sets. However, this does require you to have your parasol up which in windy conditions we do not recommend, therefore we believe our parasol heaters are better suited to cooler summer evenings as opposed to winter nights.

Table Top Heaters

As a winter alternative for heating your dining area, we recommend a table top patio heater. This heater style can sit in the centre of your dining table or it can also be used to sit on top of coffee tables, making it great for accompanying corner sofa sets or sofa sets too.

Our table top heaters are controlled by 2 switches and allow for 2 different levels of heat giving you full control over your desired settings. Plus, the heater doubles up as a lamp and offers a large heat and light area covered.

Freestanding Patio Heaters

Suspended Patio Heaters

Our hanging patio heaters can accompany all sorts of furniture, however they do require somewhere to attach to, for example a beam or hook. This may be an issue if your furniture is located away from walls or fencing. However, our suspended patio heaters do project heat over a large area and therefore may offer a comfortable heat level even if your furniture is 2 metres away.

Freestanding Patio Heaters

Our freestanding patio heaters are ideal for accompanying all furniture types, especially corner dining sets and sofa sets. The freestanding heater will stan proud on its own and can be moved to be positioned as close to the furniture as you desire.

Generating plenty of heat across a wide and tall area, furniture could be up to 2 metres away and still experience a comfortable warming feeling.

If you need help choosing the patio heater to accompany your garden furniture you can speak to one of our knowledgeable sales advisors in store or over the phone.