Its all over the radio and news papers and rightly so as Ellie Simmonds tore up the record books and won her second gold medal of the paralympics. Everytime I read the papers or watch television, I am always expecting good news from the paralympics and this just shows how well team GB are doing. The good news today is the news of yesterdays victory of Ellie Simmonds, who has just gained her second gold for swimming in London Paralympic 2012 after breaking her own world record for SM6 200 meters on 3 September 2012. It was her second title of the week after her success in the S6 400 meters freestyle, also in a world record time. With her sporting mantra ‘Always be the best you can be’, Ellie, who also won gold at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, has again proven her achievement in the UK Paralympic Game. Last night I took my ipod remote control from the arm of my Manuka arm chair, (made from best quality synthetic rattan!)  and I select Queen and then News of the World Album, and then ‘We are the Champion’, a very powerful ballad written by Freddie Mercury and recorded by the rock band Queen in 1977.  This time, I play this song for Ellie Simmonds and sang along to celebrate her second gold this season. Ten minutes later I was playing it again when the Online Retail Award result came in and Zebrano had won! Whilst we were somewhat overjoyed by our success in the ORA it pails into insignificance when you see the dedication and determination of all the paralympic competitors and with all the pressure coming into the tornament Ellie Simmonds deserved all the credit she is getting. Here at Zebrano Rattan we have lots of new ideas and products to bring online and we will try to get inspiration from the paralympics which has certainly taught us that with dedication and determination anything is possible.