I am a great lover of food and believe me there is not much that can stop my getting stuck in at a BBQ.  One thing that can stop me is not being tall enough to reach over to the other side of the table to get at the food.  This is a thing of the past as a glass lazy Suzy means that you can spin the food around so that you can get access easier. 

You will have seen the Lazy Suzy’s in Chinese restaurants where they are often used to hold the condiments etc.  Well they have been an integral part of our outdoor furniture range for some years now.  They have not been readily available on all our sets but we have just had a large shipment in and have decided to promote there arrival by giving them out for free.  We can’t do this on all sets so again we have selected some of our more popular sets and offered free lazy Suzy’s to try and offer that little bit extra. Check out our post it notes that are all over the website to see which sets come with a free lazy Suzy.  We only have a limited number of these sets available and when they are gone there will be no more this year.  Therefore is you want to take advantage of the free Lazy Suzy then get in touch as soon as possible. Don’t forget that you can use the Lazy Suzy at the same time as your parasol as there is a hole cut out of the middle.  The lazy Suzy simply sits on top of your rattan dining table and can be easily removed if necessary.  Snap up the free lazy Suzy’s while you can as they will not last for long.  For more details go to our home page at www.rattanfurnitureuk.co.uk and browse our whole site.