Can the cushions on my patio furniture be left outside all year round?  This is a question we get asked all the time.  Obviously it all depends where you purchases your furniture and what the cushion material is manufactured from.  If you purchased your set from us here at Zebrano then all of our cushions are showerproof rather than fully waterproof.  That means they are ok outside in a shower but cant stay outside for hours at a time in the rain.

can outdoor rattan cushions be left out all year

Can you leave outdoor cushions in the rain?

There is no simple yes or no answer to this question of leaving cushions outside all year round.  If you mean left outside on the set with no cover and open to all the elements then in fairness the answer is simple.  I think the simple answer to this question is no, you can't leaving them out open to all the elements.  The cushions are shower proof rather than waterproof and therefore will soak up water and ultimately be ruined.  If you have left your garden cushions outside for a few days by accident then provided you bring them into the garage and let them dry off there should be no long term damage done.

If you were to cover your suite in the winter months then there is no reason way your cushions can't remain outside underneath the cover for the entire year. There is a chance that the cushions will get a little mildew on them if you do this but I have been doing this for three years and my cushions are fine. All of our cushions are zipped and can therefore be removed and washed easily.

Can I clean my wicker furniture cushions

Can I clean my wicker furniture cushions?

Any mildew can be washed off easily. I have a rattan cube set and all of my cushions remain outside all year round. I simply put a cube cover over the set in October and remove it again in March. During the summer months I also leave the cushions out in all weathers. The cube suite does protect the cushions very well as they are hidden under the table when it is in its closed position. When the cube is closed the cushions are therefore sheltered from most of the elements, most of the time.

As far as the cushions on your rattan sofa sets or dining sets are concerned they can be stored underneath the products.  A cover can then be put over the top to protect from the winter weather.  As we already know the rattan itself is 100% weather proof so does not require any protection but with the best will in the world you can't stop the sets from getting dirty.  The rattan can happily stay outdoors all year round but if you want it looking sharp and clean then we would always advise to cover in the winter months.

The main advantage of our cushions over many of our competitors is that they are easy to unzip and wash.  You will find many of the budget sets do not have this facility and therefore if you did leave them out while you were away you could potentially ruin your suite.  In our case they are always washable and with good care will last many years.

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