We’re in the damp and rainy season and we’re sure many of you have left your rattan garden furniture outside, so the question is, can rattan furniture get wet?

Well that all depends on what type of rattan furniture you have. Authentic rattan furniture, made from tropical palms including bamboo, is not fully weatherproof and will rot when it gets too damp which is why authentic rattan is usually only found in countries with warm climates and not sold in the UK.

Weatherproof Garden Furniture Sets

Instead, in the UK we buy and sell synthetic rattan garden furniture which can be made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyurethane (PU) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). PVC and PU are the cheaper options for rattan garden furniture and whilst they are more weather resistant than authentic rattan and getting wet isn’t really a problem, the framework they are made with is often steel and this doesn’t fare well in wet weather. When it gets damp, steel rusts which can leave orange rust stains on your patio or decking which are extremely difficult, often impossible, to completely remove.

However, HDPE – often referred to as PE – is made with aluminium framework which will not rust. The PE rattan itself is also completely weatherproof and getting wet is not a problem for the rattan, neither is snow or frost, making it safe to leave outside all year round.

Weatherproof Covers

Whether you have HDPE, PVC or PE rattan garden furniture, the garden furniture cushions are usually not weatherproof, unless the supplier specifically states that they are. This means that even if you are planning to leave your rattan outside during the damp weather you should always remove your cushions and store them somewhere safe and dry.

We recommend storing your cushions in one of our cushion storage bags or boxes to ensure they are not only kept dry but also protected from dirt and dust, to help prolong their appearance and their lifespan.

If you’re worried about whether your rattan furniture is water-resistant, then a great way to protect the furniture from the damp weather is with a garden furniture cover. Our collection of weatherproof covers is perfect for sheltering your furniture from rain and other weather elements. No matter whether you have a PVC, PU or HDPE rattan set, these covers are also a great way to keep the furniture clean so that it is ready to use come the summer.

However, if you would rather determine whether your furniture is PE and aluminium rather than PVC/PU and steel then there are a few ways to tell so you can decide whether you really need to invest in a garden furniture cover:

Cushion Storage Box

Price – How much did you pay for your garden furniture? If you paid below £500 for a dining set with 6 chairs or a casual dining set or corner sofa set, then the chances are the materials used are not weatherproof.

Weight – Whilst this won’t confirm whether the rattan weave is weatherproof it will tell you whether you have aluminium or steel frames. If the furniture is made with aluminium framework it should be easy to lift – we recommend trying this with a dining chair or footstool. However, if the furniture feels even slightly strenuous to lift it is probably made from steel.

Alternatively, covering your furniture no matter what material it is, is a great way to protect it and extend its lifespan. Just be sure to remove your cushions before attaching the cover!