We are once again getting lots of people phoning in asking for extra items for their rattan suites. Generally speaking we only sell our suites as complete sets as that is the way we bring them in. It becomes difficult to break up the sets as you inevitably end up with too many coffee tables or not enough chairs to complete the set etc. However as the season draws to a close we will be opening up our reserve stock and you will be able to claim that extra chair you have been waiting for. So if you require any extra stock that we currently do not sell individually just give us a call and we will take your name and make a note of what you require and then give you a call back in September when we release the stock.  We do currently sell the chairs in pairs for our dining suites so can already buy those.  We also sell the Manuka Arm chair individually which can be added to most of our rattan sofa sets without looking out of place. If you require something like a coffee table or even another dining table then this would very much be an end of season thing as we do not sell them on there own at the moment. Anyway give us a call if you think we can help and we will do our best to make the stock available.